Practice Manager – Peru, IN

Indiana Health Centers, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in employment or in the provision of services. 

The position listed below is open and available to all qualified candidates.  Any individuals interested in submitting their application for candidacy should do so in writing.  All submissions should identify the position. Please forward all resumes and cover letters to Stephenie Knoll at


The Practice Manager contributes to IHC’s mission and goals of client satisfaction, quality of care, and productivity by ensuring the clinic operates according to federal and state funding guidelines; supervises the Local Management Team; ensures quality of care and efficient management of the clinic’s processes and programs. The Practice Manager represents the clinic before the local community and in contacts with other agencies and the Community Involvement Committee. 


  • Leadership –Able to: share compelling vision and direction; build strong, engaged, and empowered teams; drive and foster IHC mission, vision, and values; drive productivity and achieve results; follow standard problem-solving process; make data-driven, evidenced-based decisions; hold others accountable for performance. 
  • Strategic Planning – Able to: prepare near and mid-range plans; anticipate and alert others to problems; recommend improvements; develop goals, objectives, and action plans. 
  •  Logic and analysis – Able to: demonstrate analytical problem solving, decision-making, and trend analysis skills; draw evidenced-based conclusions and recommend and implement evidenced-based solutions 

Communication and Relationship Building –Able to: demonstrate effective verbal and written communication and strong interpersonal skills; effectively communicate with a diverse, variety of individuals and entities (staff, Board, vendors, grantors, auditors, etc.). Negotiate and resolve conflict. Cooperate with a multidisciplinary management team; apply balanced approach to health care issues; consider other perspectives and disciplines. Maintain effective and cordial working relationships with other agencies and members of the community. 

Operations – Able to:  demonstrate knowledge of current theory and practice of primary care medicine in the US with a strong community health orientation and sensitivity to diverse cultures. Apply practical knowledge of the organization to the operations and administration of a community health center, including BHCDA (Bureau of Health Care Delivery and Assistance) guidelines and BCRR (Bureau of Common Reporting Requirements); demonstrate high detail orientation and accuracy. Juggle multiple requests and meet multiple deadlines. Demonstrate proficiency in cost distribution and accounting procedures. Prioritize tasks/time; follow up. Take initiative without close supervision.  

Administration and Management –Able to: manage operations of a department or division; demonstrate effective supervisory skills, including recruiting, teaching, coaching, mentoring, disciplining, and professionally developing; understand federal and state employment laws, practices, and procedures; administer HR policies and practices fairly. Develop high performing work teams and maintain a team approach to problem solving and work flow.   

Process Improvement Able to: develop and manage processes to time and standard, develop and implement standard processes and problem-solving methods/techniques; analyze work flow and implement process improvements where necessary.    Design, initiate and/or participate in process improvement projects.     

Technology –proficient in computer skills, including typing and use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, eCW, etc.   

Knowledge of a wide range of concepts, principles, and methods of health care services and operations; human resources; budgeting, productivity, and financial management; non-profit management; and federal and state laws, regulations and guidelines for FQHCs.  Develops new, modified, or continuously improved processes and practices.     

Clinic Operations Oversight 

  • Plans, implements, supervises and coordinates the conduct of clinic operations; manages employee and clinic performance to meet annual goals and objectives.   
  • Develops and trains staff; continuously improves processes, service, and outcomes.    
  • Screens, hires, and orients employees; resolves conflicts; evaluates employee performance. 
  • Maintains appropriate staffing levels based on work demand seasonally and long-term. 
  • Initiates and leads weekly Local Management Team meetings to discuss financial reports, variance reports, productivity, outreach, client issues and facility issues. 
  • Monitors provider productivity and works with department supervisors to adjust appointment schedules, policies and procedures and staff, as needed. 

Business Administration: 

  • Reviews records required to generate reports; assures that reports are accurate and on time; assures compliance with federal, state and other regulations. 
  • Participates in formulation of clinic objectives, policies and procedures. 
  • Periodically evaluates all processes and systems of clinic in accordance with clinic policies and procedures. 
  • Formulates and monitors clinic budget; corrects variances. 
  • Secures vendors, approves and submits vendor payments in a timely manner. 

Community Representative: 

  • Represents the clinic before the community and in contacts with other agencies, often involving complex explanation, interpretation and influence. 
  • Recruits clients to become members of Community Involvement Committee. 
  • Meets monthly with Community Involvement Committee on clinic’s financial reports, productivity, outreach activities, and facility needs.   
  • Solicits ideas and input from Committee.  Follows up as needed. 
  • Recommends two (2) members of Community Involvement Committee for membership on the IHC Corporate Board. 


Majority of work is non-strenuous with some onsite work at or visits to migrant farm camps and produce processing centers; some, albeit limited, potential risk from disgruntled or disoriented patients, employees, and/or field environment.  Must be able to operate general office equipment, including computers, telephone, etc. 


BA/BS from an accredited school with a major in business, nursing, public administration, or social sciences and 3-5 years of clinic or hospital administration experience.  Three (3) to (5) years prior administrative and supervisory experience.  

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