Trent Stone

Chief Information Officer

Trent A. Stone, BS, MS earned his Masters of Science at the Center for Information and Communication Sciences and his Bachelors in Management Information Systems with a second major in Finance on the Ball State University Campus. Trent is highly experienced with over 20 years of technical and management experience in a broad range of industries including banking, pharmaceuticals, consulting, commercial software, and IT managed services. Trent spent 8 years at Eli Lilly and Company leading various IT infrastructures and corporate finance projects; later he became co-founder and CEO of Dyan-Linc Incorporated, a commercial software company specializing in ambulance billing, EMT data capture & collection, and ambulatory care quality management. Starting in 2006 Trent served as Vice President of The Brookfield Group, a company providing IT infrastructure support and managed services. Trent was hired as Chief Information Officer for Indiana Health Centers, Inc. in 2010.

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